Interviews with famous people about the development of tourism, favorite city and much more.
White Lotus of Turkestan
Towards the wind
A hundred years in the lens
The lake a hundred rivers
Elixir of life
Walk on water
Living water of East Kazakhstan region
Land of fantastic landscapes
Underground jungle
House built by Oralkhan
Guardian of the Altai
SMS from the bronze age
Ust-Kamenogorsk Fujiyama
Romantic with a sledge-hammer
Count Orlov's pets
City of masters
Ak-Baur: Music of the Stars
Fountain of second Youth
Rare «good old» irons
Marsian chronicles
Picturesque landscapes of our Motherland from the Broadcasting Company of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Интервью с депутатом маслихата г. Нур-Султана Мирасом Шекеновым о развитии туристической отрасли
Interview 2