To Pavlodar to read

People sometimes say that we are - The most reading nation. You can treat this statement in different ways: as a joke or seriously. But the love of books and reading cannot be taken away from the people of Pavlodar. In such a beautiful city, tourists and city residents can do it right in the center of the city.

The regional library named after S. Toraigyrov gave the guests of Pavlodar and the citizens the opportunity to choose a book or periodical of interest. It is located on the main street of Pavlodar – on Satpayev street. Near the porch there is a cabinet with literature, kind of a book exchange, or bookcrossing under the name "Open library".

Everyone, including visitors, can get acquainted with the copies that are displayed here. You can find here classics of Kazakh, Russian, Soviet, foreign literature, popular science – fiction publications, local literary magazine "Naizatas" - with poems, prose, journalism and dramas by the local authors.

The idea to arrange bookcrossing was submitted by the Director of the library Sholpan Bayanovna Shakhmetova. As a matter of fact, the book exchange functioned in the library itself in the lobby. People as well as the employees of the library named after S. Toraigyrov brought their books and left it on the shelves. Other enthusiastic readers took something for themselves there, taking the volumes with; now this book exchange has moved to the street.

As planned by librarians, the bookcase on the street will be replenished by readers and casual visitors of an improvised "Open library". It is not yet known how long bookcrossing will operate in the center of Pavlodar. So hurry up to visit this cozy city and sit on its street with an interesting book.

«All lovers of poetry and reading are invited to use books from the «Open library», which is located in front of the regional library», - the website of the library of Pavlodar informs. – «Citizens can take the book with to the beach (or other place of rest), sit on a bench or take the book home. You can also bring your own books from home. This may be interesting to other people. Thus, there will be a "book turn of books" in our city».

How to get there? You can take buses of city routes 1, 1E, 10, 22 to get to the Pavlodar regional library named after S. Toraigyrov. If you are already in the city center, this "Open library" can be found near the square in front of the regional akimat, near the library porch, on the way to the Central embankment.

Anton Sergeev
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