Love Park in a beautiful city

In Pavlodar, halfway from TSUM to the Embankment is located a Park of lovers. By its size, it is just a square. But this did not make it any less cozy, beautiful and attractive. It is favorite place of tourists and local youth.

This place of rest with original swings under canopies and sculptures, covered with greenery, (just for friendship and kisses), attracts with its atmosphere. It was opened on July 15, 2016 next to the then wedding Palace "AK Otau", which later became a restaurant.

When the object was first opened in the city, it was predicted to become a meeting place for lovers, a mandatory point of visit for «just married» after the registry Office. And the first couple came here right on the opening day.

The paths here are made of paving stones, and the alleys are lit by lanterns. A special atmosphere is created because of the sculptures in the form of couples in love.

In this quiet square there is a soft lawn with irrigation water. In the center is a small podium with a «heart». It is decorative, but large and clean. From the podium on the openwork bridge, you can go down and go for a walk along the Embankment.

It is said that there were many businessmen who wanted to take this site for construction. But the then Governor of the region did not give them a tasty piece of land in the center of the city, so now there is such a nice square!

There is the tradition of hanging locks on openwork metal structures. It is laid and has already been continued by all the couples in love. As a gesture of good faith. There are already dozens of such locks of different sizes, colors and with different names! Come to Pavlodar and visit the Park of lovers to be witness of real feelings.

How do I find it? Lovers Park is located on Astana street (former Lenin street), between the restaurants "AK Otau" and "Auyl", as well as between the Embankment and the gas station "Monolit". The hotel "Pavlodar" is located not far from this Park.

Anton Sergeev
Photo By Alexandra Boyarchuk