What will surprise visitors with a "Warm beach" Aktau

On the" Warm beach", near Aktau, cardinal changes to come. In 2019-2022, four tourist projects will be implemented here at once, and guests of the coast will know how to entertain themselves.

"Local entrepreneurs, relying on the support of the state, started implementing new projects, developing the tourism sector. Four new tourist projects are planned to be implemented on the territory of the "Warm beach" for 2019-2022, for a total of 30.5 billion tenge," according to press service of the Mangystau region akimat.

This year, they started the reconstruction of the recreation center "Flamingo resort". The initiator of the project is «Flamingo» LLP. 12.9 billion tenge of investments have already been invested here. It is reported that 290 jobs can be created. At this time, construction and installation works are underway on the territory of a modern three-star resort hotel. The hotel consists of 350 colorfully decorated rooms. It has a private beach with a length of 280 meters, heated outdoor pools, many restaurants and bars, Spa and fitness centers.

Another construction site is the construction of the «Nur» health complex.

"The initiator of the project is «SKR-Snab» LLP; the investment volume is 9.5 billion tenge. The implementation period is 2019-2021; job creation – 240, according to the press service of the regional administration. Construction and installation works are currently underway, and after the launch of the project, sanatorium rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure is planned. It is planned to treat patients with mineral underground water and mud coming out of the territory of the sanatorium."

The third project, which is expected to implement in the Mangystau region in the next four years – is the construction of the Assyl Aktau hotel complex on the territory of the "Warm beach". Here, the investor was Assyl Aktau, and the construction cost was six billion tenge. According to akimat, the design capacity of the future complex is 310 people per day.

Finally, another construction is the Seaside Palace recreation area on the territory of the same "Warm beach". The company "Caspian invest Group" invests 2.1 billion tenge here.
"The modern resort hotel offers a wide range of services – a Congress hall, sports and playgrounds, sea water and heating. There is a large outdoor pool, restaurants and bars. Each category has 120 numbers." – informed the Governor's office of the Mangystau region.

Anton Sergeev