The bike trip from Ekibas!

You can travel around Kazakhstan in different ways, by rafting, horseback or by bicycles. This series can be continued for a long time, but we'd better tell you about a Bicycle traveler. You can cross the Pavlodar region and our amazing country in General on a pedal two-wheeled friend.

Some time ago, the Pavlodar house of geography opened the «Eighth mile» sports Cycling Center on the basis of its branch in the glorious city of Ekibastuz. It appeared there thanks to the initiative, aspirations and energy of the activist of the house of geography, bike traveler Anatoly Filippovich Pyrlik, who lives in Ekibastuz.

The task of the Center is to help those who want to travel across the expanses of the Pavlodar Irtysh region. Children and adults are taught how to ride correctly, how to land correctly, how to handle the bike properly, and how to repair it.

The competent, experienced instructors "Eighth mile" will teach you the basics of working with a tourist map, planning hikes, expeditions, calculating the volume and composition of food.

Recently, "Eighth mile" found a new office, located in the children's creativity club "Zarya" of the educational leisure complex "Kainar". They have developed an action plan for the end of 2020 and for the whole of 2021. The center for sports cycling at the house of Geography considers the development of active types of tourism, not only cycling, but also hiking, skiing and mountain tourism, to be an important area of its work.

Anton Sergeev
Photo by Anatoly Pyrlik and from the archive of the "Eighth mile" sports Cycling Center of the Ekibastuz city branch of the "Pavlodar house of Geography" NGO