«Pirozhkova came, snap up the hot cakes»

If you are hungry while relaxing on the Alakol Lake, then a person nicknamed Pirozhkova will help you. When you hear «Pirozhkova came, snap up the hot cakes» - it means the people line up for the hot cakes. This pies are loved by everyone both good nutrition fans, and adherents of diets.

Edil Anuarbekovich Kanapin lives in the capital. However, every holiday season he always comes to Alakol. For three consecutive years, the tireless Pirozhkovovoz has been feeding vacationers selling his product. Before the pie story, Edil Anuarbekovich was a driver.
Now the object of life is to save up for an initial payment for an apartment. The goal has already been achieved, and therefore the epic with pies is completed this season.

He says, “The season is weak today”. "Probably everyone is afraid of a pandemic, but it seems to me there is nothing to fear, the lake is healing".

The pirokovoz has its own principles: for boys selling therapeutic mud, to traders offering their goods to vacationers, pies are sold at 150.

“Because they work,” Edil Anuarbekovich explains his position. And for those who spend their days in idle, pies for 200 tenge.

Personally tested by me, the hot product excite only applause and general admiration. Soon on July 14, the famous pirozhkovoz will turn 61 and this year will be the end of his pastry work experience. His whole family is happy for him, which, of course, helps him by baking famous pies. Many competitors will be also delighted. Their sales have felt significantlyand and the point is not only the small number of vacationers, but also the joyful enthusiasm of the pie ship, which goods go off like a hot pies. Because selling is also an art.

Alia Akhmetova
Author photo