They need an investor in Bayanaul recreation area

In 2020, the authorities of Pavlodar region failed to get the planned effect of tourism. Because of the coronavirus pandemic there were not so many guests to the Bayanaul recreation area. Yet this time was not wasted, but was used for the construction of tourism facilities. This was told by the Governor of Pavlodar region Abylkair Skakov, answering questions from journalists in the Central communications Service.

"This year, we have implemented the necessary tourist infrastructure in Lake Zhasybai itself. But this is, of course, a long-term program – said the Governor of Pavlodar region A. Skakov during a briefing in the Central communications service. – We see that the development of integrated tourism in Bayanaul requires a strategic investor who could build a hotel there with the appropriate infrastructure in order for the overall tourist culture to grow. This would be a kind of center of attraction for tourists and for business entities that provide tourist services there."

The head of the region also noted that, in addition, the regional authorities see a great potential for the development of water, sacred and ecotourism, so that people can visit Bayanaul in any weather, not only in the heat.

"In addition, we need to extend the tourist season, - said A. Skakov. – There are opportunities, for example, to build a roller ski base, to create there. There is no need of large injections, but nature allows you to conduct some sports and training camps."

Anton Sergeev