So that tourists can navigate

In Pavlodar, activists are starting to raise money for the installation of poles with signs of attractions for tourists. This idea belongs to the Pavlodar house of geography and was supported by the «Desenta» public Foundation on its Internet platform It involves raising funds for such a project through crowdfunding: according to estimates, the initiator needs one million 400 thousand tenge.

Members of the house of geography offer to make and install on the streets of Pavlodar signs of attractions that are interesting for city residents or tourists. Signs made of metal and in bright colors will contain inscriptions in Kazakh, Russian and English and information about how many meters or kilometers to go to them. For example: "The Kazakh drama theatre im. Zh – 2 km", "Annunciation Cathedral – 500 m".

According to the plan, signs should be placed on Central streets and on the outskirts, on sidewalks and in parks. The arrows can point to the theatres (Kazakh drama theatre im. Zh, the Russian drama theatre. A. Chekhov), museums (local history Museum named after G. N. Potanin, literature and art of Bukhar Zhyrau Museum of art, natural history "of Yertys" and others), interesting libraries (regional in the Central city of a name of P. Vasilyev), stadiums and sports complexes (Central stadium, ice Palace "Astana", "sport city" and others), unusual houses (post office with a clock, "pot-bellied house" on Satpayev-Toraigyrov street, "hat" behind the hotel "Kazakhstan", "Chinese wall", four houses in the shape of the letters "USSR" on Malaysary Batyr street), old buildings (former Telegraph office, merchant Sorokin's house, Levadia hotel and the like), beautiful parks (Embankment, Gorsad, nature monument "goose flight" and its Square), monuments and busts (K. Satpayev at the post office, p. Toraigyrov at the art Museum, police officers who died at school-Lyceum No. 8, victims of political repressions, etc.), historical or simply interesting places (river station with a memorial plaque about the Roerich expedition, a sea mine at the Central rescue station, the place of death of the revolutionary Teplov, the old hydropost of the 19th century, "thermometer" at the Central Department Store), places of worship (mosque named after M. Zhasupa, AK Mosque, Annunciation Cathedral, Catholic Church, synagogue, Protestant parishes of the city), railway stations, large gas stations, airport, three bridges, large shopping centers (TSUM, "Batyr Mall", "Artur", "Kvazar").

According to the volunteers, stands should point to objects that are interesting, so that no object causes disappointment to the tourist. The guest of the city should believe and follow the signs! The selection of objects for these pointers must be thorough. Placards should contain the names of objects and distances to them, but no more – any extra data!

What will it do? First, you don't have to navigate by mobile apps and depend on the availability or absence of the Internet. Secondly, it will add aesthetics to the regional center. Third, it will allow the residents of Pavlodar to learn more about it and remember the way to interesting sights of their native city.

What might they look like? The signs must be made of metal to be resistant to the effects of vandalism. The content part should be made in two bright colors, but not be colorful and tasteless. Signs should not block road signs and advertising. They are very necessary, but not more important than other signs in the city. In total, it is planned to place 20 (twenty) pillars around the city.

Anton Sergeev
Photos provided by the authors of the project