The Bayanaul cave Konyr-Aulie became more comfortable

The stairs to the legendary Konyr-Aulie cave in the Pavlodar region were upgraded, and the area around it was significantly improved.

«This year, we completed the construction of a new staircase with a length of 920 meters (the base is made of steel, steps – of cedar), lined with paving stone pad at the foot of the mountains; has four toilets, benches, three sculptures — a girl in a national dress, eagle and argali in the amount of 67.5 million tenge», - the correspondent of was informed by Department for tourism and sports development of the Pavlodar region.

Konyr-Aulie cave is a sacred object of national significance located in the mountains of Bayanaul state national natural Park, in Bayanaul district, in the South-West of Pavlodar region. In order to ensure the availability of tourist areas and increase the attractiveness of the resort area, a lot of work has been done to improve the surrounding area in 2020.

«As part of the program «Employment Roadmap - 2020-2021», an average repair of the road to the Konyr-Aulie cave (nine kilometers) was carried out in the amount of 109.2 million tenge», the Ministry added.

How to get there? The R27 highway leads from Pavlodar to Bayanaul through the village of Leninsky, the villages of Sputnik, border guard, Tortkuduk, and Maykain. You can get from the regional center in just over three hours. Through Bayanaul Park we go to the lake Zhasybay. Next to it is located a cave. It is better to walk to it.

Anton Sergeev
Photos provided by the Department for tourism and sports development of the Pavlodar region