Zhalauly - a valuable and mysterious lake

In the Pavlodar region there is a lake, the name of which, according to one of the legends, is associated with the setting victory flag in the battle against the Dzungars in the eighteenth century. In some years, pink flamingos have been seen nesting here. The name of this lake is Zhalauly. It is valuable in many ways.

Local residents say that Zhalauly is a salt lake, one of the largest in the Pavlodar Irtysh region. It is located on the border of the Irtysh and Aktogay districts of the village of Irtysh.
The lake is drainless, located in the basin of the rivers Skelety and Karasu, at an altitude of 73 meters above sea level. The area of Zhalauly is 171 square kilometers, and the largest depth is two meters.

Experts of Pavlodar state University say that this lake has a flat basin with a complex configuration. Sandy or slightly silty bottom near the coast is compacted closer to the middle by sand. The Karasu River flows into the reservoir. In some years, pink flamingos have been observed nesting here.

According to one of the legends, the name of the lake is associated with the setting victory flag in the battle against the Dzungars, experts say. The Lake Zhalauly freezes in November. The average thickness of the ice is 70-80 centimeters.

By the way, despite the salinity of the water, in the spring, the North-Eastern side of the lake is suitable for swilling cattle. According to local residents, there are beautiful pastures around Zhalauly. The lake contains large reserves of salt and fish. There is a healing natural mineral bischofite and other elements. This lake is a little-known water object, but it has a lot of mysteries.

Anton Sergeev
Photo from the archive of the Pavlodar house of geography