Colors of summer

Summer is over, but it's nice to remember the most unforgettable moments of your vacation. These pictures were taken at the Bukhtarma reservoir, but it is not so easy to get to these places. You need a motor boat and seven feet under the keel. So, let's go!

Meet mount Lukovaja. It looks like an onion that just stuck in the sea. The island is located in the center of the reservoir.

Not far away, but on another island is the house of the modern Robinson. This is the home of a hermit who decided to retire from the busy world. It looks modest and tasteful.

Only by boat can you get to places where never even seen by humans. Animals and birds are not afraid of people.

The Bukhtarma River has its own Stonehenge. However, it is in the water. This is the remains of a ferry pier.

But this strange structure is a turn signal. It shows the right direction on the water, if you do not know where to swim. Well, the buoys, as always, indicate a shoal.

There are enough animals here, including quite exotic ones.

But the absolute masters on Bukhtarma are cormorants. An adult bird can eat up to four kilograms of fish a day. They nest on Islands and feel quite unpunished.

There are also a lot of gulls here, but they prefer to stay away from cormorants.

The image below shows a rather rare phenomenon for these places "Three waves". Three ridges suddenly form on the surface of the sea and always reach the shore. Scientists associate the phenomenon with the movement of tectonic plates.

Some people will never exchange such kind of rest for hiking, horse riding or auto tourism. They advise everyone to buy a boat with a motor and enjoy an unforgettable vacation on the Bukhtarma reservoir.

Author: Dmitry Krukovich
Photo: Rostislav Zakharov, Yermek Imangazinov