Charyn canyon moved to the capital

Residents of the capital, who are temporarily unable to leave its borders, do not worry! The city has a large number of amazing parks and squares! For example – Zhetysu Park.
Here you will see the improvisation «petroglyphs of Tamgaly-TAS», walk around the installation «Charyn canyon», enjoy a miniature of Lake Balkhash. And then... you can get to the «Kazakhstan – Korea friendship Garden»!

Through the Park runs a 1200-meter bike path. There is a rollerdrome for outdoor enthusiasts and several sports fields.

People of all ages and gender will find something to do in the park «Zhetysu»! There is a lot of entertainment for children: play areas, playgrounds, tactile game panels. There are also several food zones, which makes your stay in the Park even more comfortable!
Interested? Write down the address: 13/1 saraishyk street.

Eldana Makazhanova
Photo: Diana Makazhanova