"Meet me at Panfilov's!»

There is a place in Almaty where you have to visit in any way. This place is a Park named after 28 Panfilov residents. Some of the local residents said that it is called also Park of «Two and eight", quite abbreviated. Some come here to honor the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war, others – to visit the magnificent ascension Cathedral, others – just relax with a child or wander through the green shady alleys.

The Park is dedicated to the feat of 28 Panfilov residents. There is a very spectacular memorial of glory that evokes deep emotions in a person who looks directly at it. It was opened in 1975, sources say, and consists of three parts. The Central one – called "Feat" – captured images of Panfilov heroes who defended Moscow with their Breasts.

"The unparalleled feats of the 316th rifle division formed mainly in the capital of Kazakhstan (Alma-ATA – as), renamed the 8th Panfilov Guards rifle division, entered the annals of the great Patriotic war in Golden lines. The names of 28 Panfilov guards are immortal. They, at the cost of their lives, stopped enemy tanks at the Dubosekovo crossing. Here political instructor V. G. Klochkov said his last parting words to the soldiers as an oath: "Russia is great, but there is nowhere to retreat. Moscow is behind us," Suleyman Dzhusupbekov wrote in his book" the city of Verny", published here in 1980.

Nearby there is a monument to Kazakh soldiers who died in combat in Afghanistan and other countries, the Museum of folk musical instruments named after Yilas (the fifth Museum specializing in folk musical instruments around the world), a beautiful house of officers built in 1908.

The Park is equipped with ship weapons of the red banner cruiser Kirov, the flagship of the Baltic fleet during the great Patriotic war, sponsored by Kazakhstan. There are many more interesting things...

The local ascension Cathedral, as it became known, was built in 1907. The main Builder was Andrey Zenkov – apparently a descendant of Pavel Zenkov, the first head of the city of Verny, which later became Alma - ATA, and then renamed Almaty. By the way, he was also an architect. It is said that it was Pavel Zenkov who in the nineteenth century laid out the garden, which has now become the Park named after 28 Panfilov residents.

Well. The Cathedral, which rises in the center of the Park, experienced many things: a catastrophic earthquake of 1911, and even that in 1929 it was used as the Central state Museum of Kazakh SSR, and the belfry for the first radio programs in the city. Ascension Cathedral is called one of the largest and tallest wooden buildings in the world.
How to get there? The Park is located in the Medeu district of Almaty. The shortest way is to get to the stop "Park of 28 Panfilov guards". There are buses to it№ 13, 16, 22, 66, 126, 129 and trolleybuses № 1, 9, 11, 12, 19. Another stop nearby is "Arasan" kesheni. It can be reached by bus numbers 16, 66, 112, 126.

Anton Sergeev
Photo by the author and Alexandra Boyarchuk