Elixir of life

While scientists are in a hurry to find a vaccine against Covid-19, let us pay attention to our Kazakhstan natural biostimulator.

Of course, we will talk about pantocrine, which is produced from the horns of marals. These animals are massively bred in the East of Kazakhstan. Only in Katon-Karagai district, there are about 20 stag breeding farms.

The maral is a subspecies of red deer. The horns are cut once every two years. During their life, the antlers give 12-15 pairs of horns. In large individuals, the crown weight reaches 5-6 kilograms. Antlers contain proteins, fats, various amino acids, steroids and a number of still poorly studied substances.

Regular use of blood and baths strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates the body. Using such procedures can help people to struggle with the most terrible viruses and diseases. And there is absolutely no chance of winning.