The territory of the Annunciation Cathedral will be transformed in Pavlodar

One of the famous sights – the Annunciation Cathedral - will be improved in Pavlodar. About it on Instagram wrote akim of the city Yerzhan Imenslyam. According to him, I is planned to equip a children's and sports grounds, restore paving stones, put benches, urns and lanterns on the territory of the temple. Probably, the updated territory will attract not only parishioners and residents of the nearest cities, but also tourists and pilgrims.

"Earlier, the Department of architecture and urban planning of the city of Pavlodar developed a draft proposal for the placement of a Park zone on the territory of the Annunciation Cathedral. According to the draft proposal, it is planned to equip children's and sports grounds, restore paving stones on the territory of the Cathedral, install small architectural forms (benches, urns, lighting lanterns)," mayor of Pavlodar Yerzhan Imanslyam said on his instagram page.
The mayor wrote that he gave instructions to consider the possibility of carrying out landscaping in accordance with the existing draft proposal in 2021.

"I believe that the Park area on the territory of the Annunciation Cathedral will become a favorite place of recreation not only for parishioners of the Cathedral, but also for residents of the nearby neighborhood," Imanslyam added.

The Governor of the regional center also noted that he met with representatives of the clergy of the city of Pavlodar as part of the celebration of the day of spiritual harmony. He discussed issues of common interaction, preserving peace and harmony among representatives of different faiths and nationalities. As part of that meeting, the Governor promised that he would visit every religious building in the city and meet with their representatives.

"I recently visited the Annunciation Cathedral and met with the Bishop of the diocese of Pavlodar and Ekibastuz Safonov V. A., got acquainted with the work that is being done by the community. Together, we discussed in detail the plans for the improvement of the Cathedral's territory," Yerzhan Imanslyam said.

How to get there? The Annunciation Cathedral is located in the neighborhood Himgorodky, on the bank of the Irtysh River. You can get there by buses 9, 16, 38, 44, minibus 153, and from the city center – buses 2, 18, 21, 22, 27.

Anton Sergeev
Photo from the page of akim of Pavlodar E. Imensley instagram