Visit and fall in love!

One of the most pleasant places in the city in summer, there is a river beach, popular in hot weather. If you want to see the longest embankment in Kazakhstan, you have to go to Pavlodar. In 2019, it reached the mark of six kilometers! The Irtysh embankment is so interesting here that you can spend the whole day enjoying historical places and attractions, swimming or fishing, riding a boat or motor ship, listening music or dancing - whatever your heart desires.

You can start a walk along the Pavlodar embankment at the river station. Recently, a monument to salt miners appeared here. Thanks to their work, salt mines began to grow in the region as early as the 16th century. Then settlements appeared on the map, including Koryakovsky, which gave birth to Pavlodar.

A stroll along Pavlodar’s river embankment is one of the city’s highlights in any season. It is the place, where tourists and townspeople chill out with their families, with no fear to leave children alone. The local authorities organize entertainment programs for adults and children, where kids can find new friends.

In summer, crowds flock to the city’s main beach for swimming and sunbathing, and hourly ferry cruises run from the river ferry station. For example, «Kazakhstan» or «Ekibastuz». Prices for motor ship services are quite acceptable. Some just drive people along the same route (the last flight is at 22.00), while others can be rented for as long as you have enough money.

Also, the embankment is a favorite place for fishermen. It is the best outdoor activity ever for both adults and children. According to skills and luck, people fish for chebaks, carps etc. Therefore, on the Pavlodar Embankment it smells like not only river and the holiday, but also fish and pacification. That is the main reason people come here every day.  

Anton Sergueev
Photo by author