The mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup

Pavlodar region is rich in amazing natural landscapes, photogenic architectural objects and unique historical places. Photos can tell you more than many words. In this collection – pictures of a young talented photojournalist Stanislav Manakov. The works demonstrate the mosque named after Mashhur Zhusup, which is well-known throughout Kazakhstan and abroad. Stanislav himself has been working in the Pavlodar newspaper "Obozrenie Nedeli" since 2016.
Anton Sergeev

One of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Pavlodar is the Mashhur Zhusup mosque. It is located in the city center, in a large Park, with the main entrances from Nazarbayev Avenue, Krivenko and Kairbayev streets.

The first brick was laid in 1998, but the mosque was completed on October 23, 2001. The opening was planned in early autumn, but the date had to be postponed due to the September 11 terrorist attack (the terrorist attack in New York, the twin towers).

The mosque building is in the shape of an eight-pointed star measuring 48x48 meters, with a total area of 7240 square meters.

The height of the minarets is 63 meters (according to the number of years lived by Mashhur Zhusup), the height of the dome with a Crescent is 57 meters.

When you get up, you can see the whole city at a glance.

The Zumrad crystal chandelier with 434 light bulbs adorning the main hall was made in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The chandeliers weight is 3.5 tons.

The large hall can accommodate up to one and a half thousand people. The walls are painted in a circle with patterns.

They are inscribed with 99 names of Allah, the first Surah al-Fatiha "Opening the Book" and the last an-NAS "People".

The mosque has a hall for weddings, for reading the Koran for the deceased, a dining room, a classroom, a conference room and a library with five and a half thousand books.

The mosque will be 20 years old in 2021. For the anniversary, the adjacent territory decided to make repairs, which are planned to be completed in December. By the way, the local recreation area has not been repaired since construction.

Soon there will be updated sidewalks, a fountain, shops of Islamic and Halal goods, a separate building for a library, and a children's playground.

In total, there are seven mosques in Pavlodar, 96 of them in the region.

Photo By Stanislav Manakov