Rendezvous under the old Thermometer

Imagine that you are in love! No, it's not. You are in love. Where will you make an date when you are in the city of your dreams – Pavlodar? There are, of course, many options, but the best one is - assign a rendezvous right under the Thermometer!

This huge thermometer, almost five stories high, is a quiet but very memorable attraction. His Majesty is a Pavlodar Thermometer.

In 2012, this attraction in the city center was reconstructed. In mid-August, the thermometer returned in an updated form. By that time, the largest temperature indicator had served Pavlodar residents for 40 years and became a main feature of the city. At that time, «PAVLODARENERGO» spent more than three million tenge on reconstruction.

Photo By Alexandra Boyarchuk

...So you, in Pavlodar, just have to make an appointment under this old, almost 50-year-old Thermometer. Then go as a couple wherever you want. You can go to the left, to the TSUM, where you can eat ice cream and buy gifts, to the right – to the square and fountains, or straight to the Embankment with benches. But first meet should be at the Thermometer. Then you can say to yourself: "I was in Pavlodar, in the heart, near the thermometer!".

How do I find it? The thermometer is located on Satpayev street, on building No. 55, from the end, and "looks" directly at the Central square, where the akimat of Pavlodar region is located. Directly across the street from this Thermometer is the hotel "Pavlodar".

Anton Sergeev