Mountain passes of the Altai Mountains

If you are in Ust-Kamenogorsk for the first time, you should definitely visit the Mountain Ulbinka. This picturesque place is located just 20 kilometers from the city, but it seems like you have visited a taiga. Firs, mountain river, steep cliffs create a unique flavor and will be loved by everyone who has ever visited these places.

The road constantly rises up the mountain and turns into a real serpentine. The driver needs to be especially careful and not be distracted by the beauty outside the window.

The higher up the mountain, the more firs appear. Forest beauties grow in comfortable conditions. According to the coverage of the trunk, the age of many reaches a hundred or more years.

Since Soviet times, there has been a zone of pioneer camps here. Now there are private campsites and ski resorts.

The mountain river is called Malaya Ulbinka. The water here is crystal clear. It is home to grayling. In spring, the stream turns into an indomitable stream that easily uproots mighty trunks and easily carries multi-ton boulders.

This place is especially popular in winter. Citizens come here to go skiing, and then cook kebabs in nature. However, on this route in the cold, you need to be especially careful. On the steep slopes, a lot of snow accumulates, which can at any time descend on the road.

And this is what so called veshki look like, which in winter show drivers the roadside and the level of snow.

Local attractions include a spring with delicious water and an ancient adit where ore was once mined.

You can enjoy nature in the Mountain Ulbinka at any time of the year. There is almost no traffic on the highway. Many people prefer a detour without serpentines. So no one will stop you admire this unique and beautiful place.

Author: Dmitry Krukovich
Photo: Yermek Imangazinov