The spray of summer

An ideal vacation for many people is a place and time when you can not only bask in the sun, but also have the opportunity to refresh yourself: maybe not in the river, but under a stream of fountain. Pavlodar invites tourists and its residents to relax near their fountains on any hot day. There are 19 of them in this city!

Pavlodar fountains, as a rule, have convenient sides. Adults can sit on them comfortably, catching refreshing drops of water, and kids always try to splash in the fountain.

The akimat says that there are 19 fountains in Pavlodar now. Each one has a name   often just indicates the location of the object: “Dostyk Concert Hall”, “Beauty Salon” (both on Toraigyrova Street), “Ainalayyn” on Central Embankment, fountain “Yestai City Palace of Culture”, the Palace of Schoolchildren, “Dostyk Square” (there are two of them at once), “College of Music”, depicted in this picture, and others.

Pavlodar residents love their fountains very much. In 2012, one of them - a fountain near the Estay Palace of Culture - was decorated with musical equipment. When the fountain was working, beautiful music sounded. However, in 2015, the equipment worn out. However, despite this fact, this place remains equally popular.

The first fountain in Pavlodar was installed in 1957, according to administration of this wonderful city. It appeared in a park of culture and rest, which people began to call a garden. The 63-year-old fountain has been preserved and is still operating.

Fountains in this city are a cool place to relax, but it is forbidden to enter them, due to hygiene requirements and because the buildings have high voltage. By the way, sometimes fountains can be turned off. It happens on Mondays, when they carry out maintenance operations, as well as in rain and in a strong wind. In other summer days, city fountains are waiting for you!

Anton Sergueev
Photo by author