Prepare tracks in the summer. To drive in winter…

In the Pavlodar region, road services are preparing roads and vehicles for winter. In means, that traveling in the region during the snow season will be safe and nothing will spoil the trips in the Irtysh Region.

"Appropriate measures have been developed for winter maintenance of roads. To date, 16 units of production bases, eight boiler houses, eleven heating points, ten warehouses for storing chemical reagents have been prepared for operation, which is one hundred percent ready," the Pavlodar branch of JSC “NC Kazavtozhol” reported.

According to this company, 8,311 tons of deicing material, 2,457 tons of coal, 55,500 tons of fuel and lubricants, and 1,220 snow shields have already been prepared. However, there is still more to be prepared. For example, according to the plan, there should be 18,102 tons of deicing material, that is, 70 percent of it is still available, and fuel for the upcoming winter should be twice as much as it is now. From fuel and lubricants in the right amount, only coal is prepared, and gasoline, diesel fuel, sand (screening), calcium, chlorine and salt are only half of the plan.

"There are also 236 road signs installed for winter maintenance," added, however, statistics in the Pavlodar branch of JSC "NC "Kazavtozhol".

The regional branch of the National center for road asset quality took care of the condition and safety of roads in Pavlodar region. The institution said that in 2020, 99 kilometers of roads across the Irtysh – Karaganda canal were put into operation in the region.

"The Pavlodar branch of NC Kazavtozhol JSC has 79 units of equipment for winter road maintenance, including: nine augers, 25 combined road vehicles, 13 graders, 20 tractors, two bulldozers and four loaders. The Central office of Kazakhavtodor LLP plans to transfer an additional eight units of winter equipment to the region, including three combined road vehicles, two loaders, and two graders. One MTZ tractor was transferred for use", the source said.

Therefore, the actual readiness of winter equipment for road maintenance in the Pavlodar region, according to the company, is 92 percent. It will serve the roads of the region, so that they are safe for local residents and for travelers.

Anton Sergeev