Walk to the giant

Katon-Karagai district of the East Kazakhstan region needs no introduction. Here are the famous Berel kurgans, Rakhmanovskie springs, Belukha mountain, Austrian road. The famous maral are also located here, in the local mountains. And it's even needless to say talking about the healing properties of Katon-Karagai honey. The fame of this tasty and healthy product is well known far beyond the borders of our republic.

However in this area rich in tourist wonders, another attraction may appear, which scientists once overlooked. This is a chain of extinct volcanoes that were just discovered from a helicopter. What could be interesting about cooled vents and lava?

If you make horse or hiking trails to the foot of the mountains, you can find a lot of souvenirs that tourists will certainly want to take with. For example, these are melted glass balls. They can be of a wide variety of colors and sizes, but, as a rule, they are always perfectly round.
Taking a selfie with an extinct volcano in the background! Isn't this just so cool?

To show off against such an exotic background, you will have to go to Kamchatka, the Kuriles, Japan or Latin America. Don’t you think, a little too far and expensive! It will be much easier and cheaper to get from Russia to Katon-Karagay. Well, as for Kazakhstanis, it's only right that they should master new routes.

And finally, if you're lucky, you can find a volcanic bomb. It is a perfectly round cobblestone, the size of a soccer ball that flew out of the vent just before the eruption. Usually, such finds are adorned in the apartments of geologists or museums, and now they will surprise your guests.

However, the district authorities do not plan to organize a massive rendezvous to the volcanoes. Tourists will have to stock up on maps, groceries and a GPS navigator and pioneer the way. And may the force be with you!