Alakol during quarantine

Lake Alakol is one of the main tourist brands of the East Kazakhstan region. The swimming season was officially opened on 13 June. However, in a state of lockdown, vacationers must follow some rules.

First, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, a monitoring group has been established.

To date, 140 (80.0%) out of 170 holiday homes have got permits to host tourists. In the rest 30, (17.1%) they are carrying out preliminary work to comply with sanitary and epidemiological safety. This information was told to the correspondents by authorities of Urzhar district akimat.

In addition, there are 10 cafes, 2 pharmacies, 1 medical center, 16 shops.
This year, 10 additional holiday homes for 650 places have been prepared for the summer season. 9 of them are going to get an act to take guests.

A mobile medical center operates daily to carry out express testing of CVI. To date, more than 400 tourists have received an express test certificate.