Zheltau, gentle and amazing!

An amazing and mysterious corner of the Pavlodar region is called the Zheltau tract. Its name means as Wind Mountain. This beautiful place is located in Bayanaul district.

The tract is part of the Labinsk forest area of the Bayanaul state national natural Park. It is located about 80 kilometers South of Bayanaul, bordering the Karaganda region. Here are the village of the same name and the mountain Zeltau, the top of which reaches 959 meters.

To the North is located the amazing lake Shalkar, which is naturally divided into two parts. Pavlodar geographer Murabek Omarov says that the water on one side of the lake is fresh, on another – salty, and this makes this place mysterious. In the South-East of the territory there is a spring with clear water, which gives all local residents and tourists the drink water.

Until 2017, the village of Zeltau in Kurkeli rural district was located here. According to local residents, there are now only five houses left. The locality was also called SART. It is located at an altitude of 640 meters above sea level. Once, students of the Pavlodar state pedagogical Institute (now it is a University) had a field practice in the then village of Zeltau, studied the area, went up to the geodesic point and set up a cache – capsule there.

The tract Zheltau is one of the most beautiful natural places of Bayanaul area and the natural Park. The local nature is astonishing; the air is clean, the area is filled with various water sources. According to experts, all this may allow us to develop in this area of agro - and ecotourism.

How to get there? The R27 highway leads from Pavlodar to Bayanaul through the village of Leninsky, the villages of Sputnik, border guard, Tortkuduk, Maykain. You can get from the regional center in just over three hours. From the village of Bayanaul to the South on the road we go about 60 kilometers and get to the tract Zeltau.

Anton Sergeev
Photo By Muratbek Omarov