To visit and to love. Part 2

Observation of the Irtysh in Pavlodar is filled with many different sounds: of waves lapping the beach, roaring ships, and of musical compositions. The embankment have preserved its special kind atmosphere. Every tree and bench has its own individual style and spirit. So, thank to beach, Pavlodar has got its own distinctive personality and soul.

Sometimes you can get to the holiday on the embankment; it can take place at the river station or anywhere else. You might find yourself at the concert of the Caucasian Dance Club, or at a party of tango fans. It is especially popular with citizens and visitors.

Those who are interested in history should know that in 1926 the participants of the world-famous Trans-Himalayan Roerich expedition stopped at the Pavlodar pier. Of this event reminds a memorial plaque, which was fixed in 1994 on the wall of the Pavlodar river station. Now it is installed near one of the cafes.

The embankment of the Irtysh is full of attractions. Young children can "catch a fish", throw "bananas" on accuracy or ride, and adults can visit a small shooting range.

Here, near the river station, you can meet a double of Omsk plumber. It is true, they cannot come up with a name for him, while in Omsk itself the sculpture of the kind-hearted laborers is called Stepanych.

Anton Sergueev
Photo by author