Rest is in question

Borovoe and Zerenda are closed for holidaymakers from July 24 to August 3.
The tourism department of Akmola region explained that the ban is associated in a large influx of tourists.

Nevertheless, sanatorium-and-spa facilities, operating under the state order, will continue their work.

The department did not report on any massive cases of infection in popular recreation areas. However, according to official appeal, restrictions are being implemented because of the low level of community and societal mobilization of vacationers. Checkpoints and transport restrictions will operate along the perimeter of the resort areas. Tourists who have not expired the pass to a health resort will continue their vacation.

True, they will have to follow wearing face masks and social distancing rules. Violators will have to pay a fine.

Applications and reservations before August 3 are also prohibited.
The activity of rented beaches, saunas, hotel pools, entertainment and retail outlets located on the coastline of water bodies has been suspended.  

The tourism department in Akmola region asked for understanding and stop visiting Borovoe and Zerenda during the period of lockdown.