Land of fantastic landscapes

East Kazakhstan is not accidentally called the most beautiful region of the country. More than 70% of the country's forests and 50% of its water reserves are concentrated here.

Its beauty is simply impressive. It's all about the variety of natural areas. Forest-steppes are adjacent to mountains and Alpine zones. Up to 1000 species of plants grow in the forests, including many red book plants. Beautiful cedar can be found in the mountains outside the city of Ridder. The strong tree feels great only at a height in a harsh climate. Spruce, fir, pine, aspen and birch are also found in large quantities. These types of trees are massively exported far beyond the country's borders.

But, as experts say, the main reserves of wood are concentrated in hard-to-reach places. So it is simply not profitable to engage in mass logging here. East Kazakhstan will continue to be considered the country's green lungs for a long time in the future.