Where growing millennial Mazhratut?

An expedition designed to explore the tourist potential of this region has ended in the Turkestan region. The project participants found a lot of unique interesting phenomena that attract travelers to this region for centuries. One of them is the tree named Mazhratut!

"In the village of Karnak, near the city of Turkestan, there is a thousand-year-old mulberry tree Mazhratut. Locals say that it is 1200-1300 years old. What age of the tree is actually not so important, because this tree impresses with its size", - told the Republican public Association "QazaqGeography", having visited the amazing places of the Turkestan region during a special expedition.

The trunk of the tree Martot, according to travelers, is huge and almost divided into two parts. This mulberry tree is located on the territory of ancient Mazar, we will tell you about it in the following posts.

The project to study the tourist potential of the Turkestan oasis was implemented on October 15-22 on the instructions of the tourism Department of the Turkestan region by the Republican public Association "QazaqGeography".

"A group of representatives of tourism, archaeologists and historians has been formed, who for eight days are exploring potentially interesting historical, cultural and tourist sites within a radius of 100-150 kilometers from the city of Turkestan," the organizers of the expedition reported earlier. "The goal of the project is to identify historical and cultural sites, including poorly explored ones, of the Turkestan oasis, assess their current state, certify them, and identify potential agro - and ethnotourism sites with their subsequent inclusion in the tourist route of the Turkestan oasis."

How to get there? From the city of Turkestan to the village of Karnak is 26 kilometers. You can get there by car in less than half an hour.

Anton Sergeev
Photo by ROO " QazaqGeography»