It is proposed to include a monument to the steam loco in the service capital in cultural heritage sites

Activists - the railroad workers are proposing that a monument to the Ash-4161 series steam loco, installed on the capital's forecourt, be included in the cultural heritage of Nur-Sultan. They say that this will protect it from vandals and persons without a fixed place of residence. About this on his Facebook page wrote the chief manager of the PR department of KTZ- Freight Transportation JSC Lyubov Podolyak. According to her, every year, the workers of the locomotive depot put the historical object in order: repair, clean and paint. However, after a certain time, the monument suffers at the hands of looters.

 The steam loco of the Ash-4161 series is one of the oldest railway engines in Kazakhstan. This year it will celebrate its 98th birthday. Rare technology was delivered to the capital from the Zhambyl depot. The Ash-4161 steam locomotive was commissioned by the Soviet Union in 1922 in Sweden. The Soviet government then ordered 1,000 of these machines and paid for them in gold. The steam locomotive served sections of Turksib.

During the Great Patriotic War, a steam locomotive carried cargo to the frontline. He was under fire and bombing. After the war, clearing the engine of the paint, the railroad workers saw the writing "Death to the German invaders!" and dozens shell holes and splinters.

 In 1945, the car was transferred to the Zhambyl locomotive depot; it was used in the shunting movement. In 1982, when diesel and electric locomotives replaced the tractors, the engine was installed on a pedestal in the depot, where it stood for 21 years. All important railway events took place at the pedestal of the engine. Then it was transported to the eternal parking lot in the capital. The railway worker deserves our attention and respect.

Photo L. Podolyak