Take-off on Kok-Tobe

The city of Almaty has a lot of places, where you can get a full joy and happiness. Especially for those tourists and travelers who are ready for experiences and entertainment. Take the opportunity to see the former capital of the Republic from mount Kok-Tobe.

There are different ways to climb this top point: go there on foot, take one of the regular minibuses, or choose, in my opinion, the most spectacular way of climbing - the cable car. This is best way to turn ascent on Kok-Tobe into a real adventure!

Pay for your ticket, and a comfortable gondola with about six seats will quickly carry you from Almaty Street to the top of the mountain. The cabin flies at a good speed. If you are afraid of heights, the road over the roofs of houses, roads, vegetable gardens, cottages, and advertising billboards will slightly rattle your nerves. Sometimes, on the way to the Kok-Tobe your gondola can jerk several times. But there is nothing to be afraid of...

The cable car ride on Kok-Tobe will give you the unforgettable feelings! Do not wait a minute!
Everything is going to be okay. The cable car ride, by the way, lasts about 10 minutes. The first thing you can see there, on the top is a house that stands upside down.

A bit unusual, isn't it? And right next to it is a big Ferris wheel! You can see everything! Mountains and houses that is visible at a glance. Kok-Tobe will meet you with amusement rides, the famous bench with a sculpture of the legendary Liverpool band "Beatles" (the sculpture was installed in 2007), cages with deer, birds, sheep, which can be treated to vegetables or other food, which is immediately sold for 2000 tenge. You will find warm cafes and restaurants where you can warm up with ginger tea, pastries or a hearty lunch. Photographers will help you capture happy moments.

I strongly recommend you to find the time and visit this magical peak.

How to get there? The ascent to the mountain takes place from Dostyk Avenue, 104b. This is where the ticket offices are located. It costs 2000 tenge to go up and down. Some tourists go up by funicular, and go down by minibus.

Anton Sergeev
Author's photo